Are you looking for attention-grabbing blog post ideas for blog writing?

Do you want to be successful at the same time?

It needs a lot of persistence and determination to write the blog posts every day and make it go ‘viral’. With so many creative and amazing arts blogs out there already, how do you want to stand out? How will you increase your visitors and form a loyal following? I know many bloggers who are producing superb content where their approach is extraordinary and out of the box. So here we go. There are 150 outstanding ideas below what can make your blog more fascinating.

Here is a list what will make you busy enough for the whole year.

  1. Review of books/products/films– Reviews carry immense value to the followers because people look for an honest opinion where the web is full of fake info.
  2. Make guide/tutorial which is comprehensive- You may be professional in some field or you may have extra knowledge on some topic, so help the people by sharing your knowledge. Guides and Tutorials are good traffic driver and it will add follower number to your list.
  3. Try for a contest– Recently I have run blog contests which are a great attention seeker and it will add new traffic to your blog.
  4. Interviewing someone– Do you know about any celebrities with great stories behind their career/life/work? Then use it for you blog post. Interviews are considered very popular in 2 cases: i) if your shares are practical and have useful content
  5. ii) interview of a famous person who rarely speaks in public.
  6. Criticizing a person or a website/blog- For opinion, discussion and criticizing blogs and the web are the best. You will criticize at that moment when you are bold enough to say crispy words and at the same time have strong arguments on the fact. Otherwise, it is useless
  7. Cool infographic– Infographics are popular nowadays. It helps to visualize data that are complicated. If you are not a designer then hire someone to make to go viral.
  8. Creating a photo post– Share your photos from personal album or from a niche. But you have to keep in mind that by providing the link you should give credit to the original photographer.
  9. Post full of GIFs– GIFs are for humor and entertainment. Use it without any hesitation. There are some apps available also. You can go through it.

     10. Famous quotes and motivational post- Motivational posts are always very effective. It can boost up your inner level and make the undone work done. So use it for increasing your followers. Steve Jobs said, “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else´s life.” Here you can see some tips for using quotes in your posts.

     11. Share travel experiences– There are some people who solely depend on writing about their adventures. Travel posts and blogs are legendary. You must share tips and inspiration from the adventures which will attract the audience more. If you don’t have travel experience you can share best or worst experiences you acquired in specific countries or airlines companies.

    12. Telling a personal secret– We love to live in our fantasy. We love to dream and keep our own secret. But share a personal secret sometimes which will be very engaging to the followers.

  1. Hosting a giveaway– Did you ever thought why GoPro kind of product is getting so much popular? Because they do giveaway campaigns on a regular basis. People love free things and it will add new audience to your post.
  2. Conspiracy theory- Did you hear about number theories behind main people and events? It’s your time to start now; share your ideas about new ones and let free your imagination.
  3. Show log files of powerful conversations– Who will not like to go through log files which are somewhat violent?
  4. Writing short story– Didn’t you ever write fiction? Ok, no problem. Write your short story around 200 – 500 words and ask for feedback from your followers.
  5. Sing your own song– Great singers and artists are not born overnight. You will have to discover your talent.
  6. Make a list – People are usually lazy searching or gathering information are like time wasting for them. That’s why the listing is popular for all time. Make TOP 5 or TOP 100 list of books, movies or leading people which will create buzz.
  7. Jot down all your thoughts that are in mind today – Sounds crap? If you passing a boring time try this one.
  8. Sharing your goals/dreams openly – Write down your dreams or goals for the running year. It will give inspiration and motivation for achieving the goals and help in motivating the loyal followers
  9. Create a link carnival and asking others to joinLinky parties and link carnivals are getting popular nowadays.
  10. Turn the comments into “do-follow” – You have the possibility to get more 50% comments in this way. But the problem is you can earn a lot of spamming comment for this. So I will suggest you to use plugin like CommentLuv
  11. Make a to-do list- Though there are many to-do list app available but publish your own to-do list on your blog. People will learn from you. How you make the to-do list and is it narrow or broad? etc. It will be useful for your audience.
  12. Response to some recent post/news– It means to become an opinion analyst or blogger. If you can write high-level content on some hot topics your blog will highlight on major websites and newspapers.
  13. Full case study- Make full case study on some topic which reveals how you did, what you did and the subsequent result of it. To some folks, it comes as an interesting piece.
  14. Listing favorite blogs/bloggers in a post– Make a list of the bloggers and give resources to your readers. Believe me, it’s going to work!
  15. Invite for submitting guest posts- Struggling with new posts? Ask people for writing guest posts. It is a win-win condition. You are able to get the content and they will build up their brand.
  16. Publish the best comments which your blog received throughout the history – Share a separate post showing best comment you earned in your blog by using vote system.

   28Share your traffic numbers+ blogs incomeYou can bring  Google Analytics data to daylight and it’s welcome if you elaborate some analysis in points.

   29. Crack a joke– Humor does not get old and it is entertaining too. So tell a joke your blog.

  1. Be a MythBuster- Myths are something that is not true. Take a time and do some more research refute some. If you see your follower loving it then you have done a great job!
  2. Publish or produce your art- Publish your comics, graphical design, paintings and other creations. Portfolios and galleries look cool with this adornment which your followers are going to love!!
  3. Publish about your success or epic failures– Success comes by making mistakes. So failure at one-time act as a teacher on the next time. So publish it on your blog to let your readers learn through it.
  4. Ask your readers to tweet, like, and share the posts they like– Letting the people know about you with your own words in the posts is important, but sometimes people need a little bit extra kick to do that, so write a post for that..
  5. Make a poll– Do you want to know what other prefer for a certain topic? Start a poll for quick review.
  6. A post about things you regret not doing/doing– When you surf around Yahoo Answers you will get the popular post on the thing people regret doing or not doing .So start writing your own!
  7. Post a rhetorical question in your blog post- It’s somewhat similar to posting random quotes but it can really trigger a discussion.
  8. Post a picture which speaks more than words- Make a habit of posting picture sometimes. It will increase your visitors and grab their attention! Check this.

  37.   Publish unknown facts– Collect some fact about unknown things. As for example – Do you know how the color of flamingos come from their eating habit? Do some research and generate buzz on our blog.

  1. An In Memorian post – You can politely commemorate the people who passed away.
  2. The most important dates in history– Choose a country/company/war and jot down important dates. People will love to have the detailed overview.
  3. Write about your latest experiences– Visited a festival or concert recently? Give a review on it.
  4. Make your online CV- Publish your CV online. There is a possibility of getting a job!
  5. Publish an obvious lie- Tell an obvious lie to make the thing upside down. People might get crazy but don’t worry about that.
  6. Write about your favorite traveling place– Write about your own place and ask others in the comment box. It will generate buzz.
  7. Post on marketing secrets- Tell about your secret techniques, strategies and tactics of getting more followers and traffic to the readers.
  8. Blog on the most important lessons of your life- What can be more generous than helping others and at the same time analyzing yourself?
  9. Publish what your reader should do to succeed– Make a blog post that explains how they should be more successful

  47. Make a video post about your day – Show your readers what you do in your daily life? It will be pretty interesting!

 48. Show off your personal stuff; house, car(s), accessories- Don’t get scared to show your things. It turns out to be inspiring post for someone who do not have this kind of thing.

  1. Create a list– Make a list of your readers. I will suggest to use Mailchimp or Aweber for it. This is the way to inform your readers about your daily new post you make.
  2. Post about your bad habits– Drugs, alcohol, smoking. Tell something so that they can get shocked.


  1. Offer free help in your industry for new contacts- Free help will boost up your reputation and the followers will start sharing and suggesting your post. It will increase your follower.


  1. Analyze and Research a topic- Well researched and analyzed post grab followers’ attention. Invest time on your blog post. Some professional bloggers invest 12 working hours in creating a perfect post.
  2. Give answer to each comment personally – It takes a couple of minutes for answering to the comment but it will make your readers feel special. You can make new friends or even business partner by it.


  1. Write a long “About Me” post – Traditional About Me posts are a couple of lines but introduce yourself more and write a lengthy one. People love to know the background of the content they’re reading but they usually don’t have time to Google the name or check LinkedIn accounts.
  2. A bar chart or pie chart- Infographics is one of the latest and hottest keywords in the web industry. It helps to visualize the data easily.
  3. Blogpost on your monthly budget and expenses- Take the websites and write how many dollars you have already spent and show revenue/income side of it.
  4. Take part in reciprocal guest blogging- Look for the people who will be interested in writing your guest post and you also write one by yourself.
  5. Publish linkbait – No idea about linkbait? Wait. Have a look on Google search.
  6. Publish your most popular posts– Collect data behind the most popular posts (shares, traffic, and comments) and make a single post on it.

                       61.“What If” post- Make imagination and write what if you win billion dollars or become a celebrity. People love this kind of post


  1. Publish e-books/ online courses- If you are professional in any field invest time on writing e-books and course. People will buy if it’s on quality content.
  2. Post formatting- Good kind of formatting assist in turning the followers towards your post. So for formatting follow some tips like-
  • Use subheadings
  • Adding bullet points
  • For any quotes use blockquote formatting
  • Bold text for highlighting
  1. Gravatar images on your blog comment – Turn on Gravatar images to make it real.
  2. Create your portfolio- Build a portfolio because it is a great way to showcase your experience.


  1. Follow your own writing style- Forget about all well-defined rules and use your own expression. It will make your post enjoyable and lively.
  2. Food recipe time! – Not getting any topic to write? Share recipe of your favorite dish.


  1. Write on pros and cons about something- Nothing is perfect. Where there are pros there are cons also. So what you are waiting for? Write on it.
  2. Tips to secure their blogs – Write about some tips to stop getting hacked and how to protect your blogs.
  3. Publish a conference or a webinar through blog – Hold a live event in your blog post. It will create more viewer.
  4. Ask for feedback- You can improve your blog by asking them feedback.
  5. Briefing to someone else’s work- Write a summary of other’s published writing. It will bring out important facts and aspects which will help for those you are looking for important information.
  6. Post the most successful social media posts/ Tweets- Do you have posts with huge liking sharing or re-tweeting? Share it with others.
  7. Gather a list of mistakes in your niche- Many people don’t understand the common mistakes and basics. Write a tutorial for them so that they can get out from it and realize the misunderstanding.
  8. Post a manifesto – Go to Google search for an idea of a manifesto.
  9. Write about your future plans- Want to do your Ph.D. in renowned university? Dreaming to be an entrepreneur in the next 10 years? Publish it as a post. It will certainly be an interesting post and it will new idea to the people.
  10. Publish a very long blog comments- It will help to make them feel that you really care about them, their opinions and comments.
  11. Thank them for following you – Let them know that you care about them and thank them.
  12. Let them know why you started blogging – Share your experience why and how you began writing your blog.
  13. Be absent from the blog for a week and make them think what happened to you- If you are popular many will write comment or text you for your absence in the blog for a long time. It will generate buzz.

81.A list showing what you wish to do before death – Did you ever see 1001 foods to eat/place to travel? Build your own one and motivate other to do that.

  1. Post on how to be FAST- Time is running towards its own destiny. So many like to run with the time and do their work fastFor example, David Risley teaches you how to do blog fast.
  2. Publish a satirical post– It will go viral because satire doesn’t ever get old. But be ready for the backlash.
  3. Make a series of blog posts – Always make you followers engage constantly with your blog. So share a series of blog post
  4. Share a questions & answers blog post – Create a Questions Sunday and give the reply to all the queries.
  5. Quote posting- Quotes are always motivational and inspiring. So use it wisely.
  6. Launch a free e-book of the best blog post- Collect the most commented and viewed posts and change them into an e-book which can be published on online bookstores.
  7. Run PPC campaign through Pinterest and Facebook – It will cost a bit but it will result
  8. Invest in modified blog post design – Great design will always pull your readers toward your blog. Do it by yourself if you are professional otherwise hire the professional designer.
  9. It’s a game, make 404 page – It’s a fun to have this page and make people stay on your page. See the tutorial on youtube.
  10. Make a handmade post and publish it by taking a photo- Hand-written texts look great and amazing which always show how creative you are.
  11. Create a resourceful post – Working in a fishing niche? Post a list of most beneficial resources for that.
  12. Invite experts for commenting on your posts- It’s tough to get time from busy people. But if you invite them telling the reason and what will you give for doing it they will be quite ready to help.
  13. Make an audio file (mp3) and publish- Write your post and make an audio file. It will grab the reader’s attention. People always love to have a different flavor in order to be free from monotony.
  14. Build list of interesting and useful people to track in your niche- It will go viral if you make a post like ‘Top 20 people of my blog” and include your followers who provide insights.
  15. List nostalgic post in your niche and show how they changed from 2000 by web.archive – The web trend and design changed a lot from past. It will show the reader how ugly the websites were in the and help them realize how far the web design has gone. It will create WOW effect!
  16. Link interesting patents in your niche- Did you ever hear that Apple Company patented two figures movement on tablets or smartphones? It’s your chance to shine.
  17. Ask some billionaire for writing a post for you – Busy people enjoy fame and publicity. So give it a try.
  18. Rant about the thing that REALLY bothers you – Ranting is somewhat pointless on the Internet but if it is of well-argumented then it will build a buzz.


  1. Create a list of useful online tools- There are literally a whole lot of tools that makes the browsing easier and faster. Create a list of that so that your reader can be benefited.  
  1. Dare your readers for doing something – Do something daring and post a video on it. Ask for the feedback.
  2. Voting contest– Ask your followers to suggest the finest blogs in your niche. It will turn into several posts and notify them the winning blogs.


  1. Link to content in your niche – Did you go through some interesting articles? Link it to your content for attention.
  2. Wish happy birthday– Is it second year passing of your blog? Wish happy birthday and show how far you have gone during this journey.
  3. Make a list of exciting stats – Do you want to blow your reader’s mind? Make a list of useful stats.
  4. Repost a long email reply to a follower’s question– Do you have to give a reply in the long email from the followers? Share it with the privacy of the personal information of the followers. Your reader will be able to go through it.
  5. FAQs post– Build FAQs post with the answer to all the questions. Make another page and repost it so that it’s easy for the newcomers to find out.
  6. Make an ultimate list– Select a topic and write an ultimate list such that it becomes the first go-to resource for the followers.
  7. Make an A-Z post– Create A-Z post on hiking tips. It seems amazing to the readers.
  8. Create a profile on a significant figure – Do you admire someone? Write a profile on them describing who they are, why you love, what they do etc.
  9. Shoutout to your fans and mentors – Make a post naming some people who have great influence on your blogging journey. Before posting ask for their permission to make it public. It will drive their readers to your blog.

. 112. Showcasing a reader – Already have some loyal readers? Ask them for an interview and post their response on your blog.

  1. List of the best apps related to your niche– Are you from finance industry? Make a list and reviews of 50 mobile accounting app. The more the app in the list, the better it is.
  2. A makeover post– Got a new haircut? or have your remodeled kitchen? Make before and after post for the readers.
  3. Giveaway month – Run a month of giving. Post a blog post and include a gift to the winner basing on the eligible blog comment. Keep some surprise gift also to make it go viral!
  4. A guest post pitching contest– Do you accept guest authors? Launch a pitching contest where followers can pitch their thoughts and ideas and give their feedback to each other so that they can decide before you, which will turn into your next blog post.
  5. Create a quiz– Use quiz building app like Online Quiz Creator and turn your post into a game.
  6. Develop a glossary– Readers getting confused with the terminology of your industry? Create a glossary post containing all the definition of the confused term.
  7. Post an open letter– Do you have anyone who always wanted to say something? Make an open letter and let you readers read it.
  8. Sharing a worksheet– Make a worksheet of your niche so that it can give someone some answers of their question on that niche.
  9. Sharing coupon codes – Make some research in the online stores and find it out which are offering the coupon in your niche. Share it and let your readers know it too.
  10. Make a list of free eBooks– People always love free stuff. So make a list of free e-Books and publish it in your blog in order to help the readers and it will add some extra followers on your list.
  11. Future prediction– Predict about the future of something like your industry or celeb. It will make your post amazing.
  12. Compile a joke list – Make a list of the joke. People always love to laugh and get entertained.
  13. A comic drawing – Draw comic and upload it. Try to make it funny to get more traffic.
  14. Writing a poem– It is for lifestyle bloggers. Your poem can be madly effective if you can add enough entertainment value.
  15. Suggest them to follow the man of certain personality on Twitter – Tell your readers who to follow and it will give you extra traffic.
  16. Make a list containing powerful people’s response to a question – Connect with the people of famous personalities and ask them same question like ‘What are the successful go-to marketing tactics?’ Now compile their answers and publish it with their permission and credits.
  17. Highlights of the recent conference– Are you attending a conference in your niche? Take notes of the highlighted point and post it in your blog to create a buzz.
  18. Hacking list – Make a list of hacks so that it become easier for them to use some software easily without any cost. This will blow their mind.
  19. Holiday planning – What holiday it may be, share you plan with your readers. Ask also about their plan.
  20. Recording a Skype call– Are you in the touch of the famous persons? Talk with them via Skype and record it and publish it in your post. You can also do give live call via Google Hangouts.
  21. A skit– People enjoy short amusing videos. Videotape a skit. It can be a political message or educating the followers.
  22. A free live workshop– Do you have something precious thing to offer? Share some of your consulting and training materials via live online workshop.
  23. Write a blog post about 135-150 blog post ideas (or more) in your niche– List down 150 blog topics so that your readers can find it beneficial J.
  24. Mix up and combine the length of your posts– short can be sweet but long can be epic!
  25. When an idea strikes your mind– drop everything from your hand and start capturing it!
  26. Go for Factbrowoser -Not finding the data you are looking for? You can use Factbrowser data search engine.


  1. A list of a few HTML hacks- To make content nice, we use HTML hacks every once in a while. So copy and paste the HTML in some place for easy reference.
  2. Writing for your grandma- Fancy jargon and big words are not your friend. Try to explain it with simple words and in a conversational way. It will be easy to read and skim for the readers.
  3. Ending list with weird number- started with top 20 list and got only 13 example? That’s cool! It is enough. Who said it need to end with 5s and 0s always?


  1. Think of the reader at first and the income later – Advertising is obviously important but not ignoring the loyal audience. Don’t be only commercial but keep your readers in your mind. BuySellAds, BlogAds, AdSense are good ad networks.
  2. Focus on typography – Reading experience matters so focus on it. Use Google font like Robotoand Open Sansbecause they look better on  both desktops and mobile.
  3. Serial of the content in the HTML source – Any page has 2 parts- the main content i.e article and the common content i.e navigation, footer area, sidebar etc. The main content should be above the common content in HTML source.


  1. Code of ethics –Everyone has a blog but what is the thing that will separate you from others? That is your writing skills, your expertise in the field. Be transparent and obey journalist code of ethics, like The Verge
  2. Use catchy headlines– Headlines are very important points than any other thing. Write the catchy headlines. For example- A Guide to Creating a Minimalist Homeor The Stuff in Your House. Which one will get the preference? Obviously the first one.
  3. Use Short Paragraphs-Use conversational tone and at the same time keep your paragraph short like two to three sentences per paragraph. It is easy to read fast and go through the whole thing.


  1. Learn SEO (search engine optimization) – The basic thing is, learn to focus on the keywords. Search which keywords are frequently used in the search engine and how they might find your blog.
  2. Use Dots for Suspense– Dots will create suspense to your readers and make them curious to go to the next sentence. It is one of the tricks of blogging but many people forget to utilize this technique.
  3. Be madly useful – Try to be as useful as humanly possible. Make a resource like no other. Gives tips from your own experience, create new resources, explore a new angle. People will love to have it.


Hi Guys, I hope you have successfully installed a pretty blog-site and started to post on your blog. If you don’t have yet, please have a look at my blog post on How To Start A Blog. If you need any help in order to start a blog or blog site, you may leave comments or ask any question regarding this matter in the comment section of my post. I will try my best to solve your issues. Now today I would like to focus on the mistakes you may make while trying to write in your blog, assuming that you have started to post.


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If you just have started a blog. And don’t know what to write and how to write. I am here to give you some advice. Your blog basically represents you. When I say you, that implies your thoughts, your passion or your hobby or something you wanna say to your readers. This post is about the subject or talking point of your blog. Where you should focus while writing or your blogging niche.


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If you roam around in the ocean of massive world wide web and and got familiar with the word blog or blogging. But still don’t know what it is and what to do with it. Then I can help you find out what its all about. Perhaps you must have landed in a piece of blog already if you regularly use internet and spend time in your social networking site probably by clicking on a link shared by your friend.(Actually what you are reading right now is a blog post!).Now lets catch up with the term blog.

The Word Blog!

The Word Blog!

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If you are not familiar with the word affiliate marketing, then here’s what I have to mention. It’s an online advertising system. This is a rewarding system for website owners or web content publishers. An affiliate program allows advertisers to publish their advertisements in a website or in a blog to promote a product or service to sell or to advertise another website, for example an ecommerce site. Publishers publish in exchange for a commission. There are many affiliate marketing sites offering affiliate program in the web. I would like to introduce some of these programs earned good reviews by the affiliates.

  1. CJ affiliate offers the best for affiliate marketers. It’s easy to use with numerous options. The program’s email system facilitates exchanging email between affiliates and advertisers. It notifies affiliates when link or advertisement expires. Company having a flexible payment method includes direct deposit and check.
  1. Clickbank is probably the rocking monster in affiliate marketing network with a gigantic 500000 digital marketers in 190 countries. If you are not good at spoken English, Clickbank provides a multilingual customer support facilities. The program provides some excellent features for instance TID and VTID for tracking, which is beneficial for both vendors and affiliates. Other features include recurring billing, market place search etc.
  2. Share-a-sale – You may find share-a-sale wonderful platform with more than 7000000 affiliates. Affiliates may promote any merchants they prefer with a statistics in real time. Affiliates do not have to use tools or software to deal with merchants or advertisers.
  3. Amazon Associates is remarkable for you if you want to step in the affiliate marketing world. Amazon is well known and reliable worldwide. It provides marvelous tools like “Site stripe” to link and view earnings. Other features include “product Links’ and “aStore”. Although commission starts with 4% at the beginning, promoting higher priced product increases the amount affiliates deserve.
  4. Rakuten linkshare founded in 1996 is admired by affiliates seeking alternative pays commission based on user action such as sale, subscription or lead and not based on only clicks by the user. linkshare goes higher in position than CJ by offering rotating banner options for publishers.  Sellers have to pay .99$ for each product they sell and a varying commission from 5% to 14.5% for their products benefiting affiliates.
  5. Ebay Partner Network is one of the most reliable affiliate program by eBay with a lucrative higher commission ranging from 50% to 75% of the fees paid by customer. EBay offers a payout system called “Quality Click Pricing”, which determines the amount to be paid to an affiliate.

Many business lack the minutiae factor that all online business needs the service of SEO experts. For this factor, they are skeptical and do not recognize that SEO can have a tremendous positive contribution to the development and growth for their online enterprises. It is evident with tangible proof that search engine optimization  (SEO) has a significant contribution in harmonizing a conducive online environment that enables growth for businesses.

What SEO Means to Businesses

Not only is SEO benefits, but also an indispensable marketing tool for the growth of compelling brand awareness. SEO is a broad spectrum of a business structure; from optimized search engine page rankings to enhanced abundance of traffic. Nonetheless to achieve all these features of the SEO, one ought to seek the services of a qualified SEO consultant that will help bring progressive business growth.

Why is SEO important?

It is a fact that almost nine out of ten people consider shopping online. The utmost starting point is the product typed on search engines. Things have changed, unlike in the past when bookmarks and customer loyalty were the order of online search. The today consumer is in control. It is practically invisible if your company is not at the top of the first page. This is where SEO comes in to save your online business.

I have website – should I hire an SEO consultant?

It is more paying to hire a good SEO consultant. They are experts who are updated with the current changes in the SEO field. They have strategies that will grow your business and attract clients. A professional SEO expert will deliver tangible outlook and overview of your website’s low points and strengths. They play a significant role in developing strategies that will bring growth thus implementing better search engine placement. If you are a sole proprietor or an affiliate in the internet marketing department, it is not easy to keep up the pace with the daily changing playing field.
The advantage of hiring an SEO consultant include:
·         Fresh ideas – tangible point of view
·         Keyword research
·         Updated on SEO Marketing strategies
·         Structured competitive analysis
·         New content development
·         SEO training.
Understanding your customer search preference starts with understanding their language preference. The common slang, misspellings, and abbreviations are paramount in prioritizing you language use. Proper SEO approach can achieve this. Just like the traditional marketing, putting your search ranking on the top spot begins with knowing your customer’s behavior.

With the increased advancement of technology and usage of social media platforms, the demand for Digital Marketing has also surged. It is no surprise to find out that even the people close to you are vying for digital marketing jobs. But how exactly do you improve your chances of being hired in digital marketing jobs?

Here’s some skills you need to better qualify:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engines make use of a special algorithm to index content and websites based on keywords, relevancy and a combination of other crucial factors that must be adhered to. Search Engine Optimization, better known to majority as SEO, is a skill set that involves understanding just how these special algorithms work and applying techniques to your content as well as optimizing your website accordingly to boost up search engine rankings for your website, which can earn you more traffic and conversions.
In order to qualify for digital marketing jobs, you are required to understand and be able to practise SEO techniques- sitemaps, server-side settings, keyword research and more.

2. Analytics & Market Research

Anyone aspiring to become a competent digital marketer will also be required to perform market research- identifying customer search behaviour through the use of specialized tools and coming up with a marketing strategy that would best appeal to your target group, monitoring the progress of said marketing strategy and more.

To land yourself in digital marketing jobs, you will need to be able to compare data based on your findings, analyse the options presented and implement digital marketing strategies regularly so as to improve the overall performance of your company’s total profit.

3. Social Media Marketing

In this day and age, it’s almost impossible to find someone completely cut off from social media. The continuous growth in technology has brought about an entirely new area to explore and not just for leisure but for business too. Digital Marketers will require knowledge and tech-savvy skills to develop a strong online social media presence for their corporation to further gain awareness of their product or services.

Digital marketers should be able to identify the different interfaces of different social media platforms, explore the options of advertising through the platforms, gain attention through written or filmed content, as well as come up with a social media strategy that can encourage customer conversions.

4. Email Marketing

Familiarity with email marketing is also an important skill set to develop if you wish to land yourself in digital marketing jobs. After all, business corporations still rely heavily on email in their business operations. To become a capable digital marketer, one should be able to optimize email marketing strategies, refine these content, collate mailing lists, learn to retain customer interest through strategies like remarketing and more.

5. Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click is one of the most essential components of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) that is required in the skill set of a competent digital marketer. You need to be able identify potential keywords that would gain the most traffic to your company’s websites for your ad campaigns, create attractive ads to be placed up on various search engines that are charged based on the number of conversions to your website it makes, and also analyse data so that you can improve your campaigns.

There we have it- skills you need in order to land yourself good digital marketing jobs. The pursuit of successful digital marketing is an endless one, but with these essential skill sets, you will be well on your way of achieving your dream job! Good luck and happy hunting!

One of the important thing is to store your website into a web host you have bought for. Now you need to know is

how to install WordPress on the same. Not all of us can learn to code but WordPress is a remarkable platform for

bloggers and internet marketers who use it to create and run successful sites.

Installing WordPress on your web host can get tricky if you’re not equipped with knowledge and tools which is

mandatory when taking these steps. You need to learn a bit of SQL first and also should have the knowledge of

handling FTP clients. If you have these skills then you can proceed with the above mentioned steps but if not, then

I would advise you to watch tutorials and learn these important steps beforehand.

Here is how you can install WordPress on your own web server

First, we need to install some supporting software. These are all available for free on the internet and can be accessed quite easily.

An FTP Client:

You can use FileZilla. It is used to transfer files to and from your server.

A Text Editor:

Notepad will suffice. Mac users can use Text Wrangler.

A strong web browser

like Firefox

The latest version of WordPress: You can get it on the WordPress website.

Now Just follow the steps mentioned ahead and your WordPress setup will be ready in no time

Extract Your WordPress File

Set up an administrative email address

Create a MySQL Database

Steps 2 and 3 can be handled from your web host’s control panel!

Upload the WordPress files to the webhost using your FTP Client.

All you need to do now in click on the Install WordPress Button after filling in some forms

Although, I have mentioned everything in brief here, remember that this is the main process of installing WordPress on your webhost. It may seem like the entire thing will be covered in minutes, but there’s a lot more to it. In each step you will have to enter loads of information to reach the next one.

Information you should keep in handy

Your hosting account information to access important details and links when asked for.

Your tentative administrative credentials which will be asked for when you create new ones

Basic know how of how FTP Clients and MySQL work.

Basic knowledge of how Win Zip works.

Now, you’re all set to download and install WordPress on your web server. Go ahead and create some engaging websites now!

If you find any glitches while following these steps then there might be an internal issue with one of the software or

tool. You can easily find support forums online and fix these issues. You can also post your doubts or issues here and

we will make sure to reply with optimum solutions.


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