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Are you afraid of going out every day and working for 9 to 5 at the office?  Are you depressed for not getting a job or fired from the job recently? Passing through very tough time and need extra money? Then here you go!

Freelancing is the perfect fit for you. Do you have the habit of writing? Are you a good writer or want to build it as a career? Then we will say yes, we have something for you. You can be a freelance writer.

As a beginner, it becomes difficult for many people to figure out from where to start or which resource to trust or which resources are good for writing in freelancing.

So here I gathered all the resources together for you to make it easier to start and learn many things from freelance colleagues, building a network and finding freelance writing job etc. We will help you to weed out the dreck and find trustful resources that are worthy of effort and time.

Blogs for Freelance Writing

I will suggest you to start with the freelance writing blogs mentioned below. There are advice and wealth of articles in building and managing the career as a freelance writer.

Writing Forums

It is a great way to meet new people. Make these writing forums for networking building and ask questions to your colleagues.

Markets for Writers

If you are querying for freelance writing markets then go through some writer’s market directories. Some examples below to get you started.


Freelance Writing Gigs


There is a lot of blogs who are paying money for well written guest post. Here are some examples:

 Be a Freelance Blogger

Along with the valuable advice it lists best-paying websites and blogs, and active job board. There is the well-known Pitchfest which awards $100 to the writer coming up with the greatest pitch.


It is another important site for freelance bloggers. Along with the tips, advice and guides on how to improve the content it has job board which is the best sources of freelance writing gigs with high payment on the web.

All Indie Writers

To get the idea about freelancing, blogging and publishing use this website. If you are already there before then check their job board and get updated every day.


Writing and blogging are not the same thing. If you do not want to worry about content marketing or SEO but want to make money through writing then check out the following websites.

Good at essay writing? Then sign up here. There are plenty of opportunities here to get the regular work with competitive rates which are a great bonus.

If you are a serious writer and want to get paid then visit this website. Here writers need to be efficient in researching, writing academic reports, business writing, legal consulting, literature review etc.

I will say that if you need to make money online then it is a better place. constantly hires editors and academic writers who can write complex writing like- resume, grants or dissertations. There is an opportunity for copywriting also. There the page per writing is one of the best I will say. look for the writers who are capable of writing Technical writing, content writing, essays, copywriting, research papers etc. So what you are waiting for? Make an account today and start writing.


If you are confident enough of producing entertaining video, visual, or written content then you can check out the following pages:

Cracked is concerned with entertainment, pop culture, humor. They pay between 50$ to 200$ per post. You can be in touch with their editors for a guiding purpose which is going to be a valuable learning experience.

For get started here.


Nowadays “Listicles” are very popular form. We will suggest you to check you to check out Listverse. Anything can be written here from science and media to history and conspiracy theories, as long as it is exciting and interesting.


Are you an expert on a certain subject? Then write about it: is a place where experts gather to share information and create guides in their field of interest.  You can join their community and can earn fixed bucks each month.


There are websites that are aimed at assisting all freelancer like- writers, translator, engineers, architects or designers:


upworkUpWork (formerly oDesk) is a great source of high- paying, long- term  jobs that every freelancer is searching for. It is the largest online  workplace since their merging with Elance.



Freelancer gives access to thousands of jobs and over 1.5 million clients on daily basis. Once you are signed up you will find a great gig in no time.


Guru is similar to Freelancer and UpWork Guru member can find regular work of areas like- finance, IT, design, management, writing etc with reputable clients.


craigslistCraigslist is one of the greatest resources for freelancers. It’s not just a place where people sell creepy personal ads or selling random stuff but far lot more things are done here. Though it takes a little bit time to navigate through it but there are some good job offers.

Demand Media

It is mainly aimed at creative work like photography, writing and anything regarding the process of filmmaking. They are strict in the case of hiring new people but if you can get in you are a winner. You will get regular work, inspiring project, and steady pay.

People Per Hour

It is a user-friendly and good-looking site that is well managed. Here the plus point is writing work is not laborious or competitive like Elance or Upwork and the rates are also fairer.

One bad side is it takes a pretty huge chunk out of the writing wage which is sometimes unexpected.


It is a paid service for freelance writers. Once you are registered they will give you an email with a list of quality writing jobs so you don’t need to spend excess time in searching for gigs online.

They also make a list of best writing jobs from oDesk and Elance on the email which I think is a bonus!

Paid to Blog Job

Paid to Blog Jobs is launched Tom Ewer in 2014 which uses subscribe –to-model for blogging job seekers. It is a good job field where I read some good feedback from the online community about the job quality they offer for the subscribers.

The problem here is it is not free which is a problem for many beginners because many do not have money to go for it.

The Ultimate List of Better-Paid Blogging Gigs

Sophie Lizard compiled a free e-book containing 45 blogs that will pay $50 or more per each post. It is broken down into some sections like Food Blogs, Writing blogs etc. She added some tips on how to promote yourself after landing a post and how to approach these blogs etc.

50 Markets That Pay Freelance Writers 10 Cents Per Word:

This e-book is not free but it is only $4.99. This book provides a compilation of guidelines and contact information for 50 magazines, websites, ezines and newspaper which accept freelance pieces.

Whisper Jobs

It focuses mainly on magazine writing jobs.

The jobs posted are divided into 4 different sectors: Full-time job, Temp/Freelance, Job Paid internship, Unpaid internship. Whisper jobs have a filter that allows finding out the types of job you are looking.

Freelance Writers Den Junk Free Jobs Board

This is a premium one.

A lot of us know Carol Tice of the famous Make a Living Writing blog. It also runs a famous community for freelance writers known as The Freelance Writers Den, and the major feature is called the junk free jobs board.

Carol is a great supporter of writers being paid according to what they deserve and discourage to pay the writers less than 50$.So you will find here top quality offers.

But the problem is you have to join Carol community which charges a monthly fee. Many members gave feedback on getting thousands of dollars of gigs from this job board but the problem is registration not available so easily. Registration is open once a while and the people on advanced notification mailing list get the notification first.

Who Pays Writers

It has come into an existence since 2012 and it regularly shows top online media publications and show how much they offer the freelance writer.

Who Pays Writers is designed in such a way that the writers who contributed to online publications for paying can submit info about the publications like how much they pay and all.

 Worldwide Freelance Markets

It has a database over 2500 paying market which is updated on regular basis.

They have chances in over 55 countries and they ensure gigs for writers in the children writing, travel writing, Christian writing, and women writing markets.

You have to give a nominal fee in order to access the full list of markets but without fee, you have access upto 500 of the writing opportunities in their database free.

Writing Career

This is a popular resource for the people who want to earn top dollars mainly for magazines.

Every day multiple offers are posted for writing in magazines which pay $100 – $1,000+ per contribution.

Sometimes they offer sites that accept online publication but their main focus is on offline magazines.

Their posting information contains the length of the article required, the payment and how long it will be available.

This site has 4 main sectors- poetry, fiction, non-fiction and there is numerous offer available in each sector.

It posts daily 2-4 posts which are very useful for the writer who wants high paying gigs

Books Suggestion for Freelance Writers

If you are looking for deeper reading to jump into a freelance career then it can help you a lot in a greater way.


Social Media Tools

The best way to get your name out professionally is to use the power of social media effectively. There are examples given below to get started from social network to online cooperation tools.



Tools for Writing and Editing

toolsFor writing and self-editing some tools are given which might help you. These are online editing tools and word processors.


  • Open Office– It is a full suite of tools comparable to Microsoft Office. It is a fully introduced writing platform which gives easy exporting to PDF, perfect for e-Books, pamphlets, guides and other documents easily shared in PDF format.
  • WriteRoom(Mac) –For a big writing project, the focus is very important. A full-screen writing tool will give you this opportunity of full focus. So WriteRoom good tools for this focus.
  • DarkRoom(PC) -It is a replica of WriteRoom but for Windows only. It is called DarkRoom and free like WriteRoom.


Apps for Freelance Writing

Here are some iPhone and Android apps which can give you smoother way of writings.

dropbox and evernote

Android Apps

iPhone Apps


Research Tools

Not getting  credible information or need expert source to find whose interview to take now? Then check out the list below-


Website Development Tools

You need to have a professional website for bringing your career one step ahead. Give this list a try.




Online Tools and Calculators

Here are some free calculators, worksheets and free online templates for beginning your own freelance writing business.


Design Tools for Writers

Looking for design resources or software which are required for writing to make design elements simple? Then check out the list below-



  • Canva— image creation tool for my own, and clients’, blog posts.
  • GIMP— image editing software which is free.
  • GraphicRiver— Templates for client and business projects (like your business cards, brochures, newsletters)
  • Scribus— Open source desktop publishing software
  • PixaBay-Free stock photos

This is not enough. There might me more. You can add here if you know more.


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The internet is a big place to deal with. It is not because of the growing competition but also for thousands of websites aiming to connect with the clients.

Freelancers have the challenging task of managing all the activities, work, productivities, expenditures etc. because they have only no one but themselves to account for.

So we have listed here many valuable sites that we are hoping to help a lot by making it easier and smoother by giving you a flow.

If any of the links is not working properly then also let us know so that we can make changes properly.

Did we miss any resources? How did you first enter to this freelancing job? Please let us know in the comment box.

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Reputation_Management-wikimedia resource free to use


A popular brand can take years or months to earn millions of dollars but it can be ruined  in hours by a blogger if upset with your company.

That’s why online reputation means a lot to keep your business alive.There are some misinterpretations about online reputation management. Some think it as social media monitoring while other take it as a public relation and some don’t get how it can have an impact on our sales and business.

It’s a unique opportunity for further career and boosting profits and sales.

Growing online reputations require consistency and good management. There are various ways to establish a good online reputation. Many techniques and tactics are available online. But the best way is to mix and match the methods which you think as effective one. Below 10 essential steps are given to grow online reputation so that Companies of every size can get benefit from it.

1.Be authentic

be authentic

Content is an essential element of a good SEO and online marketing strategy. But it’s more than essential to keep it authentic and original. Hire SEO agency to ensure that your online content is demandable and ideal for the target market. They can assist you in deciding keywords targeted for best results. At the same time, help you in adding that keywords within the content to make it SEO friendly and reader friendly.

2. Stay updated


For ranking purpose, search engines change all the time.they change algorithms and ranking signals. So take help from a professional local SEO agency to rank top

3. Linkbait and link exchange


For good online reputation, link building is of great importance. So look for content links for blogs and sites related to your niche. Link exchange and link bait will assist you a lot for the popularity.

4. Social media marketing


Now Social media marketing is very effective and essential thing for community creation. Social media platform like- Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others have the powerful user base. Your business can be promoted by proper engagement method.  

5. Social bookmarking

It’s another significant way of boosting yourself online. But you need to handle it wisely and use popular bookmarking sites like Digg and StumbleUpon.

6. Directory submissions

It’s overlooked and avoided nowadays. But it’s still can be productive. Select reputable directories and submit in the right categories. Hope it’ll give you a better result.

7. Make Forum posts

forum posting

Forum post can enhance your online reputation. Ensure that you post a valuable post that can spark a discussion. Online forums and discussion boards inflame people to share and comment which are helpful for online reputation building.

8. Do blogging


Blogging is another effective method boost your company online. Many people may ignore blogging as they might think, the website is enough. But it works well from a search engine point of view.

9. Videos and photos sharing


video and image share

Visual content is more attractive and time saver for the reader. It’s also easily understandable at a glance. So photo sharing and video promotion are impressive ways to grow your online reputation. So share and publish product videos, reviews, and photos.

10. Article submission and press release

article writing

Article submission on famous sites will help to have deep links for your site. Press releases are also a good way to bring your exposure online.


The best policy is to keep on posting positive things and ensure that it also look positive for the readers. The things above can either help you to clean up your reputation or keep your reputation intact all the time on the basis of how you are treating it.

Here quality talks more and better than quantity. So be authentic and spread your wings and fly!


 image001Mobile gamers rejoice! What you have been waiting for is finally here. Hell’s pawn is on its way to becoming the top rated action game, for android and smartphones. For players used to consolers, mobile games rarely provide the exhilaration, excitement and control that console based games do, however, Hell’s pawn is worth the investment. This action filled game can be played from your smartphone, and will provide the thrill of a console game.

The action filled adventure is conjuring up quite a name for itself in the gaming world of 2017. Hells pawn’s creators put a lot of hard work into ensuring this game lives up to its name. The story line is impeccable, and if you love fighting your way to save the world from an Armageddon, this game is a catch. Moreover, the graphics and the sound system of the game add a thrilling new touch to the game; it’s a lot more immersive with these features turned on. Personally, the sound track is phenomenal, and pumps you up even before the game starts.

The story line of Hells pawn features a pilferer who has earned a name for himself in the notorious world. Set inside an open world environment, players have the freedom to complete a number of tasks, before the ultimate battle. A comic theme based design; this game by Emperor Games is all the rage. The narrative sucks you right in, don’t be alarmed if you spend the entire day playing this game.


The protagonist of the game (Lindorf) is a thief, who is expert at heists. While he has immersed in a number of such action filled adventures, he meets his match as he is about to undergo the biggest heist to date. However, if everything goes smoothly, what’s the fun in that, right? Lindorf’s opponent CEO of Dylontine corporation is preparing to make things as hard for the hero as possible. Yet this makes the match all the more interesting. Lindorf fights various mutant creatures, war soldiers, enemies, and hell-coptors and more, he must defeat them all for the game to move on to the final epic battle.

Hellspawn is not your everyday action filled game. There are so many power packed fights and adaptable battles, which has you fight enemies on your own level. You could easily finish off your enemy by blasting a bullet through their head. However, the game lets you fight it off in your own unique way. You can come up with strategies, various tactics to kill of your opponents, and that’s really the fun in the game.

Hells pawn, despite being a mobile game and complex, is essentially hard to control and operate. There are buttons on your mobile phone that make the character move forward, fight or run. While it might take getting used to, it’s not hard at all. The entire game is created to work in tandem, from exceptional graphics, to underlying vibrations, sound controls and story line. Hell’s pawn is a game that lets you experience a different world altogether.

Catch the action filled game on both Android and iOS platforms and further information can be found on




You probably thought that blogging is simple and that it just involves logging in to your account and posting your content. But when you begin the actual blogging process, you’ll realize that there’s a lot of work that needs to be done behind the scene. You’ll also be facing various challenges and troubles along the way and that’s normal.

Take these bumps on the road as learning experiences to become better in this craft. While it cannot be avoided that you will still be making your own mistakes, some of them can be prevented. That’s by learning from the common slipups of bloggers when they were still starting.

Even seasoned bloggers started from the bottom and they too made their errors along the way. Learn from their mistakes so you don’t have to repeat them. New bloggers typically look for free sites. However, if you are serious about blogging and you want to earn from it in the future, you should have a strong foundation right from the start.

Consider getting a paid site that gives you more options, features, and control. This is vital in building a name and it will also be easier growing or enhancing your site in the future.

Below is an infographic containing the usual mistakes that new bloggers commit. Check them out and learn from them to be successful in your blogging career.

Our eye-catching illustration also contains explanation on why the listed blogging errors should be avoided:

8 Beginning Blogger Mistakes to Avoid (SBO)

Author’s Bio:

Scott has been blogging and managing websites for several years now. He developed a multitude of strategies and methods to streamline his content production allowing him to do more in much less time and free up his schedule to better enjoy life.

If you want to rank a website, what do you need?
Its obvious answer is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

SEO is the master game of backlinks. So you need to know the “link building strategies of 2017”.

If you can play smartly, you’re the ultimate winner. Google has overcome the web spam recently. Hence, there is no place for web spammers. They’ll just kick you off from the SERP (search engine results page).

Be safe from the Google penalties, know the strategy well, and believe me, you’ll just nail it!

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blogger outreach

Are you an Online Entrepreneur? Do you’ve an online store? Wanted to sell something online but don’t know how you will move? OK you may contact to online social influencers and bloggers to do something for you.

Did you ever notice webmasters constantly inundate your inbox asking for your review for their companies?
It works because of the blogger outreach. It’s very time-consuming but it’s definitely going to increase your sales dramatically. Read More

blog post idea

Are you looking for attention-grabbing blog post ideas for blog writing?

Do you want to be successful at the same time?

It needs a lot of persistence and determination to write the blog posts every day and make it go ‘viral’. With so many creative and amazing arts blogs out there already, how do you want to stand out? How will you increase your visitors and form a loyal following? I know many bloggers who are producing superb content where their approach is extraordinary and out of the box. So here we go. There are 150 outstanding ideas below what can make your blog more fascinating. Read More

Hi Guys, I hope you have successfully installed a pretty blog-site and started to post on your blog. If you don’t have yet, please have a look at my blog post on How To Start A Blog. If you need any help in order to start a blog or blog site, you may leave comments or ask any question regarding this matter in the comment section of my post. I will try my best to solve your issues. Now today I would like to focus on the mistakes you may make while trying to write in your blog, assuming that you have started to post.


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If you just have started a blog. And don’t know what to write and how to write. I am here to give you some advice. Your blog basically represents you. When I say you, that implies your thoughts, your passion or your hobby or something you wanna say to your readers. This post is about the subject or talking point of your blog. Where you should focus while writing or your blogging niche.


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If you roam around in the ocean of massive world wide web and and got familiar with the word blog or blogging. But still don’t know what it is and what to do with it. Then I can help you find out what its all about. Perhaps you must have landed in a piece of blog already if you regularly use internet and spend time in your social networking site probably by clicking on a link shared by your friend.(Actually what you are reading right now is a blog post!).Now lets catch up with the term blog.

The Word Blog!

The Word Blog!

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