You probably thought that blogging is simple and that it just involves logging in to your account and posting your content. But when you begin the actual blogging process, you’ll realize that there’s a lot of work that needs to be done behind the scene. You’ll also be facing various challenges and troubles along the way and that’s normal.

Take these bumps on the road as learning experiences to become better in this craft. While it cannot be avoided that you will still be making your own mistakes, some of them can be prevented. That’s by learning from the common slipups of bloggers when they were still starting.

Even seasoned bloggers started from the bottom and they too made their errors along the way. Learn from their mistakes so you don’t have to repeat them. New bloggers typically look for free sites. However, if you are serious about blogging and you want to earn from it in the future, you should have a strong foundation right from the start.

Consider getting a paid site that gives you more options, features, and control. This is vital in building a name and it will also be easier growing or enhancing your site in the future.

Below is an infographic containing the usual mistakes that new bloggers commit. Check them out and learn from them to be successful in your blogging career.

Our eye-catching illustration also contains explanation on why the listed blogging errors should be avoided:

8 Beginning Blogger Mistakes to Avoid (SBO)

Author’s Bio:

Scott has been blogging and managing websites for several years now. He developed a multitude of strategies and methods to streamline his content production allowing him to do more in much less time and free up his schedule to better enjoy life.

If you want to rank a website, what do you need?
Its obvious answer is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

SEO is the master game of backlinks. So you need to know the “link building strategies of 2017”.

If you can play smartly, you’re the ultimate winner. Google has overcome the web spam recently. Hence, there is no place for web spammers. They’ll just kick you off from the SERP (search engine results page).

Be safe from the Google penalties, know the strategy well, and believe me, you’ll just nail it!

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blogger outreach

Are you an Online Entrepreneur? Do you’ve an online store? Wanted to sell something online but don’t know how you will move? OK you may contact to online social influencers and bloggers to do something for you.

Did you ever notice webmasters constantly inundate your inbox asking for your review for their companies?
It works because of the blogger outreach. It’s very time-consuming but it’s definitely going to increase your sales dramatically. Read More

blog post idea

Are you looking for attention-grabbing blog post ideas for blog writing?

Do you want to be successful at the same time?

It needs a lot of persistence and determination to write the blog posts every day and make it go ‘viral’. With so many creative and amazing arts blogs out there already, how do you want to stand out? How will you increase your visitors and form a loyal following? I know many bloggers who are producing superb content where their approach is extraordinary and out of the box. So here we go. There are 150 outstanding ideas below what can make your blog more fascinating. Read More

Hi Guys, I hope you have successfully installed a pretty blog-site and started to post on your blog. If you don’t have yet, please have a look at my blog post on How To Start A Blog. If you need any help in order to start a blog or blog site, you may leave comments or ask any question regarding this matter in the comment section of my post. I will try my best to solve your issues. Now today I would like to focus on the mistakes you may make while trying to write in your blog, assuming that you have started to post.


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If you just have started a blog. And don’t know what to write and how to write. I am here to give you some advice. Your blog basically represents you. When I say you, that implies your thoughts, your passion or your hobby or something you wanna say to your readers. This post is about the subject or talking point of your blog. Where you should focus while writing or your blogging niche.


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If you roam around in the ocean of massive world wide web and and got familiar with the word blog or blogging. But still don’t know what it is and what to do with it. Then I can help you find out what its all about. Perhaps you must have landed in a piece of blog already if you regularly use internet and spend time in your social networking site probably by clicking on a link shared by your friend.(Actually what you are reading right now is a blog post!).Now lets catch up with the term blog.

The Word Blog!

The Word Blog!

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If you are not familiar with the word affiliate marketing, then here’s what I have to mention. It’s an online advertising system. This is a rewarding system for website owners or web content publishers. An affiliate program allows advertisers to publish their advertisements in a website or in a blog to promote a product or service to sell or to advertise another website, for example an ecommerce site. Publishers publish in exchange for a commission. There are many affiliate marketing sites offering affiliate program in the web. I would like to introduce some of these programs earned good reviews by the affiliates.

  1. CJ affiliate offers the best for affiliate marketers. It’s easy to use with numerous options. The program’s email system facilitates exchanging email between affiliates and advertisers. It notifies affiliates when link or advertisement expires. Company having a flexible payment method includes direct deposit and check.
  1. Clickbank is probably the rocking monster in affiliate marketing network with a gigantic 500000 digital marketers in 190 countries. If you are not good at spoken English, Clickbank provides a multilingual customer support facilities. The program provides some excellent features for instance TID and VTID for tracking, which is beneficial for both vendors and affiliates. Other features include recurring billing, market place search etc.
  2. Share-a-sale – You may find share-a-sale wonderful platform with more than 7000000 affiliates. Affiliates may promote any merchants they prefer with a statistics in real time. Affiliates do not have to use tools or software to deal with merchants or advertisers.
  3. Amazon Associates is remarkable for you if you want to step in the affiliate marketing world. Amazon is well known and reliable worldwide. It provides marvelous tools like “Site stripe” to link and view earnings. Other features include “product Links’ and “aStore”. Although commission starts with 4% at the beginning, promoting higher priced product increases the amount affiliates deserve.
  4. Rakuten linkshare founded in 1996 is admired by affiliates seeking alternative pays commission based on user action such as sale, subscription or lead and not based on only clicks by the user. linkshare goes higher in position than CJ by offering rotating banner options for publishers.  Sellers have to pay .99$ for each product they sell and a varying commission from 5% to 14.5% for their products benefiting affiliates.
  5. Ebay Partner Network is one of the most reliable affiliate program by eBay with a lucrative higher commission ranging from 50% to 75% of the fees paid by customer. EBay offers a payout system called “Quality Click Pricing”, which determines the amount to be paid to an affiliate.

Many business lack the minutiae factor that all online business needs the service of SEO experts. For this factor, they are skeptical and do not recognize that SEO can have a tremendous positive contribution to the development and growth for their online enterprises. It is evident with tangible proof that search engine optimization  (SEO) has a significant contribution in harmonizing a conducive online environment that enables growth for businesses.

What SEO Means to Businesses

Not only is SEO benefits, but also an indispensable marketing tool for the growth of compelling brand awareness. SEO is a broad spectrum of a business structure; from optimized search engine page rankings to enhanced abundance of traffic. Nonetheless to achieve all these features of the SEO, one ought to seek the services of a qualified SEO consultant that will help bring progressive business growth.

Why is SEO important?

It is a fact that almost nine out of ten people consider shopping online. The utmost starting point is the product typed on search engines. Things have changed, unlike in the past when bookmarks and customer loyalty were the order of online search. The today consumer is in control. It is practically invisible if your company is not at the top of the first page. This is where SEO comes in to save your online business.

I have website – should I hire an SEO consultant?

It is more paying to hire a good SEO consultant. They are experts who are updated with the current changes in the SEO field. They have strategies that will grow your business and attract clients. A professional SEO expert will deliver tangible outlook and overview of your website’s low points and strengths. They play a significant role in developing strategies that will bring growth thus implementing better search engine placement. If you are a sole proprietor or an affiliate in the internet marketing department, it is not easy to keep up the pace with the daily changing playing field.
The advantage of hiring an SEO consultant include:
·         Fresh ideas – tangible point of view
·         Keyword research
·         Updated on SEO Marketing strategies
·         Structured competitive analysis
·         New content development
·         SEO training.
Understanding your customer search preference starts with understanding their language preference. The common slang, misspellings, and abbreviations are paramount in prioritizing you language use. Proper SEO approach can achieve this. Just like the traditional marketing, putting your search ranking on the top spot begins with knowing your customer’s behavior.

With the increased advancement of technology and usage of social media platforms, the demand for Digital Marketing has also surged. It is no surprise to find out that even the people close to you are vying for digital marketing jobs. But how exactly do you improve your chances of being hired in digital marketing jobs?

Here’s some skills you need to better qualify:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engines make use of a special algorithm to index content and websites based on keywords, relevancy and a combination of other crucial factors that must be adhered to. Search Engine Optimization, better known to majority as SEO, is a skill set that involves understanding just how these special algorithms work and applying techniques to your content as well as optimizing your website accordingly to boost up search engine rankings for your website, which can earn you more traffic and conversions.
In order to qualify for digital marketing jobs, you are required to understand and be able to practise SEO techniques- sitemaps, server-side settings, keyword research and more.

2. Analytics & Market Research

Anyone aspiring to become a competent digital marketer will also be required to perform market research- identifying customer search behaviour through the use of specialized tools and coming up with a marketing strategy that would best appeal to your target group, monitoring the progress of said marketing strategy and more.

To land yourself in digital marketing jobs, you will need to be able to compare data based on your findings, analyse the options presented and implement digital marketing strategies regularly so as to improve the overall performance of your company’s total profit.

3. Social Media Marketing

In this day and age, it’s almost impossible to find someone completely cut off from social media. The continuous growth in technology has brought about an entirely new area to explore and not just for leisure but for business too. Digital Marketers will require knowledge and tech-savvy skills to develop a strong online social media presence for their corporation to further gain awareness of their product or services.

Digital marketers should be able to identify the different interfaces of different social media platforms, explore the options of advertising through the platforms, gain attention through written or filmed content, as well as come up with a social media strategy that can encourage customer conversions.

4. Email Marketing

Familiarity with email marketing is also an important skill set to develop if you wish to land yourself in digital marketing jobs. After all, business corporations still rely heavily on email in their business operations. To become a capable digital marketer, one should be able to optimize email marketing strategies, refine these content, collate mailing lists, learn to retain customer interest through strategies like remarketing and more.

5. Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click is one of the most essential components of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) that is required in the skill set of a competent digital marketer. You need to be able identify potential keywords that would gain the most traffic to your company’s websites for your ad campaigns, create attractive ads to be placed up on various search engines that are charged based on the number of conversions to your website it makes, and also analyse data so that you can improve your campaigns.

There we have it- skills you need in order to land yourself good digital marketing jobs. The pursuit of successful digital marketing is an endless one, but with these essential skill sets, you will be well on your way of achieving your dream job! Good luck and happy hunting!


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